Docter Sight III


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Innovation is the road to success — this has also been true for the NOBLEX® sight III. The next generation of reflex sights unites hunting, sport and tactical requirements in one appliance.

  • High-trength monoblock housing made of special aluminium
  • Water tight*
  • Precise, infinitely adjustable reticle adjustment without play
  • Two-lens high-performance optical system with internal reflex coating
  • Sharp dot image across the entire field of vision thanks to additional correction lens
  • Three magnet-controlled illuminated dot intensities can be selected
  • Automatic illuminated dot regulation depending on the surrounding brightness
  • Anatomically adapted brightness progression of the illuminated dot
  • Suitable for night vision
  • Battery indicator
  • Control cap with safety strap eyelet
  • Easily mounted thanks to a large number of mounting adapters
  • Shockproof on all calibers

* in conjunction with the mounting plate

There is a choice of three types of innovative electronic control. Thus the light point intensity can be even better suited to the application.

In addition, the brightness control can be adapted to the ambient light conditions with all types of operation.

  • Minimal — Curve with lowest energy consumption
  • Dynamik — Standard curve with balanced features
  • Power — Increased basic brightness and high maximum brightness

Minimum power consumption ensures long battery life times. The integrated battery warning informs of the low energy condition of the lithium cell in good time. Because of the numerous mounting possibilities it can be quickly and professionally mounted on almost any weapon.

Mounting module for the NOBLEX® sight II plus can be used without limitation for the NOBLEX® sight III.

Suitable for all pistols and rifles


Technical Data

Reticle adjustment range cm/100 m (height x side): ± 360 x ± 270
Illuminated dot coverage cm/100 m: 10 (3.5 MOA) or 20 (7.0 MOA)
Dimensions (l x w x h) in mm: 46 x 25.4 x 24.3
Weight (g): 25
Parallax balance: 40 m