Glock Cerakote Configurator

You want to individualize your gun?

With our Cerkote online configurator you’ve got many possibilities to generate a preview in many colors and camouflage patterns.

Simultaneously you’ll see the costs of your desired configuration on top of the preview.

Please notice, that the colors are digitally generated and will appear differently on each display, so they may look a bit different than the original Cerakote color.

For each color we have a minimum order of 49,00.
If your order is below that minimum, we will add the difference on the bill.

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Slide none ...
Slide Camouflage Color 1 none ...
Slide Camouflage Color 2 none ...
Frame none ...
Frame Camouflage Color 1 none ...
Frame Camouflage Color 2 none ...
Magazine Bottom none ...

Cerakote is a special ceramic coating, that was developed in the USA (the land of the guns).

It offers a huge variety of colors and the possibility to combine these colors in camouflage and other patterns.

Beneath the endless possibilities of combining Cerakote colors to give your gun a unique look, Cerakote application is one of the best methods to prevent your gun parts from corrosion.

It is resistant to heat, cold, most acids and also salt water, which comes in really handy when you get some sweat all over your gun during an exhausting match.

Our standard assortment includes the following 22 colors that are in stock at any time:

  • White
  • Graphite Black
  • Sniper Grey
  • Combat Grey
  • Forest Green
  • Sniper Green
  • O.D. Green
  • MagPul Foliage Green
  • MagPul FDE (Flat Dark Earth)
  • McMillan Tan
  • Desert Sand
  • Benelli Sand
  • Noveske Tiger Eye Brown
  • NRA Blue
  • Smith & Wesson Red
  • Hunter Orange
  • Prison Pink
  • Zombie Green

Metallic effect colors (not shown in the configurator):

  • Burnt Bronze
  • Tungsten
  • Cobalt
  • Satin Alu

If you wish to have a color applied on your gun that is not part of our standard assortment, we can order any color of the Cerakote product range for an additional fee of 20% of your order.

Also, we can mix a special color within our standard color assortment specially for you.

In this case you just need to let us know how many parts of which color you’d like us to mix for you to create your very own and unique Cerakote color.

No, unfortunately that is not possible.

In order to get a perfect hold of the Cerakote coating on gun part, we need to sandblast the part first to roughen up its surface and clean it from previous coatings.

Only then we can apply additional camouflage patterns and colors.

Of course, it is possible to create patterns, logos, initials or any other of your personal ideas.

The camouflage patterns in our configurator should give you just a slight idea of what’s possible and how your gun could look like.

If we should only apply Cerakote to your gun, we only need the parts you want to be coated.

It’s best if you send them already and completely disassembled, so there will be no extra costs for disassembly and reassembly.

Gladly we can also do the disassembly and reassembly for you if you prefer.
Therefore, we will charge 78,00 per hour for any necessary additional works on your gun.

You ‘ve got an idea?
We got the know how!

Just send us your ideas or wishes as a sketch drawing or pictures you found in the web. You’ll get an offer back as soon as possible.

You like our offer – just pack up your gun and ship it to us.

After we’re finished with your gun, we’ll post pictures on our website and social media and after receiving your payment, we ship back your gun.
In some cases a renewal of the CIP safety check is necessary – we will arrange that for you before returning the gun.