CNC Milling

Gun customization and tuning

With our highly modern CNC milling machines we can do process any material of your firearm.

We offer the following slide cuts:

  • front serrations
  • window & skeletonize cuts
  • chamfer cuts
  • removal of original engravings
  • weight reductions
  • red dot cuts
  • other custom milling jobs

We offer following frame cuts:

  • undercuts
  • thumb rest cuts
  • widening magazine release button
  • other custom milling jobs

Any cut that is done on slides or barrels, must undergo a safety check by the Austrian proof house department and will be handed back with a renewed CIP safety certificate.

We are obligated by Austrian law to get the gun tested for safety again, even if your country is no member of the CIP.

If only frame cuts are done, and your countries gun law requires a renewal of the CIP safety check, we can arrange that as well for you.

You ‘ve got an idea?
We got the know how!

Just send us your ideas or wishes as a sketch drawing or pictures you found in the web. You’ll get an offer back as soon as possible.

You like our offer – just pack up your gun and ship it to us.

After we’re finished with your gun, we’ll post pictures on our website and social media and after receiving your payment, we ship back your gun.
In some cases a renewal of the CIP safety check is necessary – we will arrange that for you before returning the gun.

 Shipping & Order Information