Frequently asked Questions:

How do I order?

After you have decided what kind of customization you want to have for your firearm, just send us an eMail with a sketch or an example picture so we can give you a quotation.

When you are satisfied with our offer, you just need to confirm your order by eMail and then you can bring your weapon to your local gun shop, that will ship it for you.

Make sure the arms dealer of your trust has a global authorization for shipping guns within the EU (§ 37 Abs.2 in Austrian gun law – might be a different § in your countries’ law, but your arms dealer will know what is meant).

Is it allowed to ship a firearm?

This question can only answer your countries gun law!

In Austria it is allowed to ship unloaded firearms with the Austrian Post AG.

Here you need to make sure to ship it as EMS + Value Parcel.

In the Value Parcel option every post officer and driver has to sign for the parcel, so it is assured that the parcel can’t get lost on its way.

When we ship it back to the customer we add the option “In person” wich assures that only the gun owner can receive the package containing the gun and no one without a gun license can open the package and possess a gun.

Is a shipping from another country possible?

As said before the countries law will answer this question.

In most EU countries, Swizerland and Liechtenstein it is allowed to ship guns, but a certified logistics partner is required.

In case you want to ship from one of these countries, its best to give the firearm to an arms dealer who has a permission (in Austrian gun law its § 37 Abs. 2) to ship without needing further export-/import license, as those licenses cost a lot of money to the customer.


As far as we know some countries require to disassemble the firearm and ship the gun relevant parts separately, so in case one parcel gets lost, the gun could not be used.

For shipping from other countries please feel free to contact us, so we can arrange the licenses and the shipping for you.

How must the wrapping/packaging look like?

The firearm must be wrapped in air bubble film and be placed in a carton box in a way it would withstand a fall from one-meter in height, as it could always fall off the truck while loading.

Its best to use a hard gun case (like the original Glock box for example) – wrap this case in air bubble film and put it in a carton box, so it is even more protected.

NEVER ship ammunition with your firearm, as therefore are other rules and laws as for the gun shipment.

How much is a customization?

It totally depends on what kind of customization you want for your gun.
A simple engraving can start at 49,- while a full custom package can cost over 1.000,-.

We have something for everyone.

For a small budget we have standard cuts that we offer for a smaller price, while we can do absolutely unique individualizations for the more sophisticated customer.

Does my gun need a safety check after customization?

We are obligated by Austrian law to get the gun tested for safety again, if the slide or barrel was undertaken some deep engraving or temperature treatment (like PVD coating).

This law is valid for us even if your country is no member of the CIP.
In other countries a safety check is also required when changes on the frame are done.

In this case we are not obligated to let the gun be tested by the Austrian proof house department, but we can arrange the CIP testing for you, so your gun fits the requirements of your countries law again after customization.

How can I pay?

After we‘re finished with customizing your gun, you will get the bill via eMail.
You can choose to pay by bank transfer or PayPal.

As soon as your payment has arrived in our bank account, we will ship it back.
If your gun needs to undergo a CIP safety check, it will be returned to you after we receive it back from the Austrian proof house department.

How long does a customization take?

This depends on the type of custom work that needs to be done.
While a Cerakote job takes about 1-2 weeks, a gun with full engravings and PVD coating needs a minimum time of 6 Weeks as the CIP safety check needs some time too.

Do I have to disassemble the gun myself?

You can ship your gun fully disassembled to save some money.
If you prefer us to do this for you, we can arrange that as well.
If your gun needs to undergo a CIP safety check, we need to assemble it anyways before the gun can be shipped to the Austrian proof house department.